McDonald’s customer needs tetanus jab after being bitten by a rat while enjoying meal

A customer was rushed to A&E after being bitten by a rat at a McDonald’s restaurant.

The unnamed woman suffered the horrific encounter while enjoying a meal at the fast food giant’s branch in Salisbury.

A friend of the woman described the incident on Monday evening as “shocking”.

She told the Salisbury Journal : “The rat came in through the front door when she was eating and it bit her when she was trying to shoo it away.”

The customer was taken to a nearby hospital where she received a tetanus jab.

A spokesperson for McDonald’s said: “Hygiene and cleanliness is of the utmost importance to us. This incident occurred yesterday when a rat entered through the front doors of the restaurant.

“It was quickly contained by members of our team, but a customer was bitten as she attempted to handle the rat.

“A sanitisation process has been undertaken and pest control experts have carried out a precautionary inspection.”

It is not the first time a rat has been involved in an incident at McDonald’s.

One rodent was caught on camera in Tankersley, South Yorkshire, dragging a Big Mac burger box across the street.

It managed to dodge oncoming traffic and squeeze between cars and lorries in its desperate quest to secure the food.

The video has attracted a huge number of views on social networking site TikTok.

The rat was spotted with the burger box between its teeth, later scurrying across the busy road.

It then managed to drag what was left of the junk food to a grassy verge at the side of the road.

The latest incident comes after an elderly woman was “savagely” attacked by a rat while sleeping.

Diana Kirk was found horrifically injured at 5:45am on May 9 at her home in Bingham.

She is looked after by her 85-year-old husband John Kirk who recalled hearing the rodent “scratching around” that night.

When John went down to her in the morning he said it looked like the rat had tried to gnaw through to the bone.

He said at the time: “I’ve never seen anything like the injuries she had – you can see how bad they were from the pictures.

“It was absolutely savage. I went and knocked on the door of the young girl over the road as she is also always up early and so she helped. They took Diana to the Queen’s Medical Centre and she came back on Thursday night.

“There were scratches on her face, her neck, her hands – it had tried to gnaw right through to the bone from the looks of it. There was blood everywhere.”